Canva Social Media Templates Packages

Do you struggle with making your social media graphics look amazing and consistent with your branding? Are you frustrated with the amount of time it takes you to create your social media graphics? Do you wish you could easily create gorgeous graphics in minutes without spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on hiring a designer?

Introducing Canva Social Media Templates

Create beautiful scroll stopping graphics in just a few minutes. Each template is completely customisable, so you can easily change your colours, fonts, images and more to be consistent with your brand. Everything you need to create awesome graphics that you and your customers love.


The starter package includes 60 templates. Perfect if you are just starting out and want to easily create social media graphics that are consistent with your brand.

  • Instagram Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Blog/Pinterest Posts


The premium package includes 105 templates. This package is great if you are ready to rock your social media graphics and create a consistent brand identity.

  • Instagram Posts and Stories
  • Facebook Posts and Links
  • Blog/Pinterest Posts
  • Content Upgrades


The ultimate package includes 140 templates. This package is right for you if you are ready to crush it on a number of social media channels and create a strong brand presence.

  • Instagram Posts and Stories
  • Facebook Posts, Links and Covers
  • Blog/Pinterest Posts
  • Content Upgrades
  • Twitter Posts and Covers
  • YouTube Thumbnails
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