4 logo variations you need for a successful brand

4 Logo Variations You Need for a Successful Brand

Logo variations are a different version of your logo that is used in place of your main logo in different circumstances. For instance the shape of your main logo may not work in a certain placements. By having logo variations you have the opportunity to use the logo that works best for the specific situation.

Main Logo

Your main logo is the logo you use the majority or the time. This can either be horizontal or vertical, depending what works for you and your brand. This may include your tagline if you have one for your business or it may not. You may also have two logo variations, one with a tagline and one without.

Elysian Road web and digital solutions logo
Main logo for Elysian Road

Secondary Logo

Your secondary logo is the logo you use in placements where your main logo doesn’t work. This is usually due to the shape of the logo. So if your main logo is vertical in nature, your secondary logo should be horizontal and vice versa. Again you may have two logo variations of one with a tagline and one without.

Secondary logo for Elysian Road


A submark is a small logo variation that is wide as it is tall. Often these can be of a circular shape but other shapes are possible. These are good to use when your logo has to fit within a square shape. Some people may use this for their Facebook profile picture. However depending Your brand and your strategy this is not always a good idea. You may be better using a headshot off you. Submarks can be used on graphics you create, as a stamp on pdfs and in a variety of other ways. 

Submark for Elysian Road


Your icon logo is often used as your favicon. Your favicon is the small logo at the top of your browser tab next to the name of the website page you are on. If you look at the browser tab for this page you will see my little bird. That is my favicon and my icon logo. If you want to know how to add your own favicon to your WordPress website check out this post. Your Icon logo needs to look good really small so simple shapes and monograms work best. You can also use your icon logo in other places like graphics and pdfs.

Elysian Road bird icon
Icon logo for Elysian Road

Other Logo Alternatives You May Need

With all the logo variations mentioned above I suggest along with having the coloured versions of these also having a light and a dark version of each. This is so you have plenty of flexibility when adding your logo to different coloured backgrounds. This can be particularly useful when using your logo on things like photographs. The other logo variation you may want to consider is just your tagline. This can be any shape you like. I have seen them done horizontally, vertically and also as a submark alternative.

Elysian road dark submark logo variation
Dark submark logo variation for Elysian Road

Your Logo is Not Your Brand

Your logo and logo variations are only part of your brand and brand identity. To create a really successful brand you need be clear on your brand and be consistent. It is confusing for your followers if you keep changing things up. So whether you are DIYing your logo, purchasing a pre-made template or hiring a designer, make sure your logo is something that is aligned with your brand, that it is something you love and your customers can relate to.

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