5 colour tools for creating an amazing colour scheme

5 Colour Tools For Creating An Amazing Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colours for your brand can be difficult. But these colour tools make that process much easier. Be sure to check out this post before using any of the colour tools suggested here so you can be sure you are choosing the best colours for your brand. 

1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe Color CC  is one of my favourite colour tools. It allows you to create and save colour schemes from the colour wheel or from importing an image. Each colour scheme consists of five different colours. You are also able to browse thousands of different colour schemes for inspiration .

2. COLOURlovers

COLOURlovers is a great place to go to get colour inspiration. With millions of different colour schemes you are sure to get inspired. You are also able to create your own colour schemes.

3. Coolors

Coolers is one of the easiest colour tools to use. They make it super easy to create an amazing colour scheme. It is easy as pushing the space bar. You are also able to browse colour schemes created by users of the site.

4. Color Explorer

Color Explorer has the most features out of all the colour tools listed here. There are lots of different ways this colour tool helps you create an amazing colour scheme. As well as creating a matching colour scheme and importing colours from images you are able to explore colour libraries and analyse your colours. For example you can analyse if your background and text colours provide enough contrast. 

5. Canva Color Palette Generator

Canva’s Color Palette Generator gives you the ability to upload an image and from there a colour scheme with five colours will automatically generate. Great to use if you have found an image that truly reflects your brand colours. They also have a colour tool for exploring colour schemes. Type in the colour you want to look for click on the colour and you are presented with information about that colour and  colour schemes containing that colour. 

Bonus Colour Tools

A couple of other colour tools that you may find useful are ColorZilla and TinEye. ColorZilla is a Google Chrome extension that includes a colour picker, eye dropper, gradient generator and other colour tools. For more information about how I use ColorZilla and other Google Chrome extensions check out this post. TinEye is one of the fasytest ways to find free images that match your brands colour scheme. They extract the colours from the Creative Commons images on Flickr and allow you to search images by colour.

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